Dr. Stan Levenson
Articles by Stan Levenson
A Few Tested Fundraising Routes School Administrator Magazine January 2016
"Rural Fundraising" American School Board Journal August 2015
"Six Ways to Land More Grants" Scholastic Administrator February 2015
"Think Big: Twelve Ways to Connect With Major Donors for K-12" Inside Philanthropy January 2015
"New Book Aimed at Helping Shools Raise Money" Pomerado News January 2015
"Unlocking Extra Money for Your Schools" Scholastic Administrator November 2014
"Connecting With Major Donors" National Association of Secondary School Principals September 2013
"Going After Big Bucks" National School Foundation Association Website January 2012
"A Program That Pays" American School Board Journal July 2008
"Corporate Money, 101" Campus Technology Magazine April 2008
"Go for the Gusto" Principal Leadership November 2007
"The Big Gift" American School Board Journal February, 2006
"Beyond the Bake Sale" American School Board Journal May, 2003
"A Bigger Piece of the Pie" Principal Leadership January, 2003
"Writing Your First Successful Grant Application" Teacher's Planet 2002
"Moving a School District Into Big-Time Fundraising" The School Administrator December, 2001
Webinar : "From Mini-Grants to Major Grants: Stan Levenson's Tips for Success." October 13, 2016.
"How To Win Corporate and Foundation Grants for Your Tech Project | THE Journal : January 2015  
Stan Levenson Appears on Front Page of USA Today Aug 20, 2012
Family Circle Magazine, "Has School Fundraising Gone Too Far?" 2012
Audio Interview Stan Levenson Appears On Vermont Radio..
Listen to the 29 minute interview as he assists schools and school districts in Vermont in their big-time fundraising efforts.
Schlolastic Administrator, "Budget Sinking? Create a Foundation, 2010  
Interactive Educator," Vol. 3 issue 1, Winter 2007.  

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