Dr. Stan Levenson
At your fingertips - ideas for raising major dollars for the schools!
By Stanley Levenson, Fundraising Consultant, San Diego, CA
Cover of How to get grants and gifts for the public schoolsHere are easy to follow tips, ideas and instructions for securing grants and gifts for your public school. Packed with worthwhile suggestions and techniques that will make you more competitive in your search for corporate, foundation and government grants  -and in your pursuit of gifts from individual members of your community  -this hands-on guide shows you:
  • what types of government grants are available
  • the names and web site addresses of major government funding agencies
  • how to do prospect research using the world wide web and 28 corporate and foundation givers
  • what techniques to use to solicit successfully from individuals
  • how to set up a Local Education Foundation
  • the ins and outs of planned giving
  • the differences between writing a government grant application and a corporate and foundation grant application
  • how to improve your chances of getting funded
  • and much, much more.

How you can tap into the vast array of funding sources that are out there for the asking!

Covers such critical topics as:
applying for government grants
applying for corporate and foundation grants
soliciting individuals
writing a grant application

Includes these ready-to-use tools:

samples of successful grant applications
blank application for U.S. Department of Education grants
tips for using a fundraising consultant
implementing a fundraising plan using consultants or full time staff member(s)
Reviews From Amazon.com
How to Get Grants and Gifts for the Public Schools, March 13, 2003
Reviewer: G. Cameron from San Diego, CA
In an era of diminishing resources, Stanley Levenson's book is an invaluable tool for schools and districts alike. His easy to follow recipe for writing winning grants gives school personnel the confidence to write their own proposals without the need of contracting an outside consultant. His book includes examples of successful proposals which he also uses to familiarize the reader of effective writing styles. What I also found tremendously helpful were his fresh and creative approaches to fundraising which many schools and school districts tend to overlook. For a very small but wise investment, our schools have profited from Dr. Levenson's insight. I'm sure many others would, too.

How to Get Grants and Gifts for the Public Schools, March 15, 2003
Reviewer: David Strom from San Diego, CA
Dr.Stanley Levenson has written a much needed book for public educators. Today, in a time of monetary crisis for many school districts in the nation, any book that can shed light on where to get money for innovative and creative programing is welcome. Dr. Levenson's does that and more.
Classroom teachers can use his work as a guide to understanding what it takes to write a grant proposal. Nowhere in a teacher's college education is anything like this taught, or for that matter, mentioned. Yet, teachers are constantly trying to be innovative and creative in their teaching. Sometimes, without funds it is hard to try the new and "impractical" in the classroom. With the guidance of Dr. Levenson's book, teachers are walked through the grant writing proposal step by step. But the book does not stop there!
He lists places where money can be found. The federal, state and local government all have some money earmarked for educational innovation. He lists them. Private funds and foundations, an area where money for the public school systems is growing rapidly, are listed and studied. Levenson tells what types of grants each foundation likes to fund (an extremely important idea).
As someone who has written and won school grants, I would have appreciated this book when I was a public school teacher. I think all school districts should have at least one copy of this book in each of their schools. It will encourage teachers to do what they can do best-teach, think, and write grants creatively.

How to Get Grants and Gifts for the Public Schools, March 27, 2003
Reviewer: Howie Schaffer from Washington, DC
Fundraising for America's schools has gone way beyond the bake sale. You cannot bake enough cookies to give America's chools the money they need. However, you can buy this book and learn from legendary fundraising guru, Stanley Levenson, beneficial strategies, techniques, tools, and templates for creating an A+ school fundraising program. Levenson is rare among fundraising strategists because he focuses as much on "friendraising" as "fundraising." This book helps everyone, from beginners to expert grantwriters, to cultivate the skills, relationships, and savvy it takes to be successful in the competitive arena of public school fundraising. Stan Levenson also understands the central role of public education in a democratic society and how to use fundraising as a means of increasing public responsibility for quality education at a time when public school budgets are being slashed across the nation.

Other Reviews:
"This book would be a perfect handout in a grant writing workshop. If I were teaching a course on the subject, it would be a must."
-Samir A. Haddad, Farmington Public Schools, Illinois.

"The information given is relevant, accurate, and extensive. After reading the book and completing the excercises, students will have a thorough understanding of grant seeking and fundraising in K-12 schools."
-Jodi Witte, South Washington County Schools, Minnesota.

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Grants and Gifts For The Public Schools
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