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Stan Levenson
Stan Levenson's new memoir, WHEN BROOKLYN WAS HEAVEN: A Memoir From Brooklyn TO L.A. and Places In-Between is out. ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY. In this very funny and entertaining book of short stories, Levenson takes us on a loving and carefree thirty-year journey through Brooklyn neighborhoods rich in history and culture, Coney Island, the Borscht Belt, small college towns in upstate New York, military duty in the U.S. Navy, relocation to the West Coast, and across the Atlantic to Europe, the Middle East, and back to L.A. Through sheer grit, determination, and chutzpah, Levenson attended college, earned advanced degrees including a Ph.D., and made an international name for himself as a fundraising guru. The book is a must-read for all those people who have a connection to Brooklyn, to others who are fascinated with this joyful place, and to all who are intrigued by the places in-between.

Stan Levenson is known throughout the world as an author of books and articles on fundraising, as a fundraising guru, as a teacher and professor, and as a storyteller extraordinaire. He has been interviewed on radio and television, online, and in the press, and has been quoted in newspapers and magazines across the nation. His book Big-Time Fundraising for Today's Schools (Corwin Press, 2007) is being used in school districts around the globe. His previous book, How to Get Grants and Gifts for the Public Schools (Allyn & Bacon, 2002), was the most comprehensive book ever written on the subject for the public schools. Two other books by Levenson, Readings in Foreign Languages for the Elementary School (Blaisdell/Ginn) and Exciting Bulletin Board Ideas for Reading and Language Arts (T.S. Denison and Co.), have been used in hundreds of schools , colleges, and universities across America. His articles have appeared in The American School Board Journal, Principal Leadership, The School Administrator, The English Journal, Campus Technology, The Phi Delta Kappan, The Modern Language Journal, Hispania, TESOL Quarterly, the San Diego Union-Tribune, and other publications. Levenson's style of writing is clear, concise, and entertaining. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the State University of New York at Oswego; a master's degree in School Administration from U.C.L.A.; and a Ph.D. degree in Leadership and Human Behavior from United States International University (now Alliant International University) in San Diego. Levenson resides in San Diego, California with his wife Kay Pantelis.


When Brooklyn was Heaven

Grants and Gifts for Public Schools

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